Photos Update

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Photos updated 🙂 Enjoy!

Gallery > Paparazzis > Added 2 Paparazzis 2010 Album

Madeo Restaurant (19 August, 2010)



Beverly Hill (19 August, 2010)


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Photos Update

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Gallery > Forbidden Rose > Added 1 Products Photo

Gallery > Miscellaneous > Added 1 Unknown Photo

Gallery > Awards Shows > Added 1 Awards Shows 2002 Album


Gallery > Paparazzis > Added 1 Paparazzis 2010 Album


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Avril’s Twitter & Photos Update

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Avril was posted a video link on twitter 😛

a little video from the studio right now——->

Here is the video.

Also, added some Forbidden Rose  wallpapers. I like these color very much!


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Avril Daily is Open!!

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Avril Daily is Open:) Pop Rock Avril have a new domain name( and a new hosting but you can also call it Pop Rock Avril:) Thank you for Starszz gave me the hosting. Avril Daily also has a new photo gallery but there was only a few photo now. I will upload the old photos very soon 😉


Avril’s twitter was updated.

In the studio with @AlexDaKid, I’ve got strep throat, but I ain’t stoping my thing!

She have got strep throat, hope she will be find!

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