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Added 27 Premiere Nightclub in Hollywood photos

Here is the  video about Avril’s second show ever in Whistler, BC. Also, it have  some unseen and funny behind the scenes footage from 2002. Check it out!

Also The Avril Lavigne Foundation website have updated a new video. Here

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News & Photos Update

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Here is Avril’s 26th Birthday Party at Wet Republic photos, she looks great. :)

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Added 36  26th Birthday Party photos.



Also, here is a short interview by More

Avril Lavigne’s Lifelong Obsession: Cooking
By Mark Gray

Sunday October 03, 2010 10:00 AM EDT

Move over Wolfgang Puck. The next celebrity chef may come in the form of a brash, pop punker.

“I’ve always been obsessed with cooking,” Avril Lavgine told PEOPLE Saturday in Las Vegas. “I can make anything.”

Lavigne even asked for cooking tools for her recent 26th birthday, which she celebrated over the weekend at MGM Grand’s Wet Republic.

“I got some spatulas with skulls on them and some fun stuff for my kitchen,” she said of her birthday gifts.

“I swear to God, my family asked me what I wanted and I said I wanted a serving bowl and all these things for my kitchen. I asked for a stone plate to put in my oven to cook and crazy stuff like that.”

The “Girlfriend” singer is known to show off her skills at dinner parties, she said, adding that Yorkshire pudding is her “specialty”.

“I make really good bruschetta, too,” the chef-in-training adds.

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D-You Magazine Photos

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Photos updated :)

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Added 4  D-You Magazine Scans

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Added 5 > D-You Magazine Photo Shoots

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News & Video

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Here is a D-You magazine Interview video. Enjoy :)

Avril will hold her  26th birthday party at Wet Republic on 2nd Oct. If you would like to go to, you can purchase the ticket Here.

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Happy Birthday Avril!

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Let’s say Happy Birthday to Avril! Wish you happy 4ever <3

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News, Photos & Video Updates

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Here is a Alternative Version of Nobody’s Home MV. This version has some new scenes, a little bit different from the original one.

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Added 1 D-You Magazine Scan

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Added 1  D-You Magazine Photo Shoot

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Added 3  Clinton Global Initiative in New York Photos

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Added 28 wallpapers

Avril twitter updated.

Omg I am like 20 ft from the President of the United States!!!!


Great agriculture panel at #cgi2010, did you know that a billion people eat too much and a billion don’t have enough to eat?


Super cool to be here in NYC learning about the worlds biggest problems and hearing to people like Bill Clinton and Melinda Gates speak


Really excited to be at the opening session of Bill Clintons #cgi2010 

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Black Star & Twitter Updates

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Yeah! I got it!!! Black Star!  The flavor is so amazing! I love it <3



Also, Avril’s twitter updated.

Check out my new charitable foundation website at


Happy to announce @AvrilFoundation is partnering w/@Easter_Seals See why here –

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The Avril Lavigne Foundation

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The Avril Lavigne Foundation website opend.
 This foundation mission is R.O.C.K.S.

R for Respect

O for Opportunity

– C for Choices

– K for Knowledge

– S for Strength

Check it out!

Also, Avril’s twitter updated!

Check out my new charitable foundation website at
about 11 hours ago


The Avril Lavigne Foundation supports children and youth with disabilities and serious illnesses –
about 9 hours ago via web

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