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Working on my new record and remembering all the amazing moments I shared with my fans during my career. There are so many and all of them are special and memorable.
Share with me all your best edits and throwbacks, including the hashtag #AvrilThrowbacks and tagging @avrilbandaids.com_ as they will be helping me organize. I will repost the best ones every week.
Can't wait to see them. Xoxo ❀️#AvrilThrowback #littleblackstars #avrillavigne #avrilbandaids
30 views22 Jul 2017
I can't even deal. Horrible news. To lose one of the best. Speechless. We love you Chester @chesterbe @linkinpark. I remember playing Rock Am Ring in Nuremberg with you like it was yesterday. A magical moment. During your set you came over and gave me a big smooch on my face while I was watching side stage.
Rest In Peace
23 views22 Jul 2017
#family Michelle and @ryota_080910 views22 Jul 2017
Taking a few days off from the studio... #AL625 views22 Jul 2017
HAPPY CANADA DAY !!!! πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦β€20 views22 Jul 2017
Happy Birthday @bigevil love ya bra ❀18 views22 Jul 2017
Happy Monday!
#AbbeyDawn Cupcake Sweatshirt In Royal Blue. Go to AbbeyDawn.com (link in bio) @abbeydawnofficial #AbbeyDawnByAvrilLavigne
27 views22 Jul 2017
Great being able to find @slimsecrets when I'm traveling/busy working - it's key to have healthy, tasty snacks on hand #slimsecrets #ad28 views22 Jul 2017
16 views22 Jul 2017
Today marks 15 years since I released my first album, "Let Go" and now I'm here working on my sixth! Its so surreal to think my first album #LetGo has sold over 20 million albums, and introduced me to so many incredible countries around the world. Thank you guys for all your support - I can't wait for you to hear what's next! Also, a big thank you to @la_reid for discovering me at the age of 15, allowing me to be me, write my own songs, dress the way I wanted haha, continually support me up until this day a7 views22 Jul 2017
And here is the fourth and final single on "Let Go", "Losing Grip". Loved celebrating the 15 year anniversary of my first album with you guys! My fans have been so incredible to me through the years, and I can't wait to share the new album with you soon. #LosingGrip #LetGo #AL67 views22 Jul 2017
And here is the third single off of "Let Go", "I'm With You" 15 year anniversary of my first album !!! #AL6 #LetGo #ImWithYou5 views22 Jul 2017
Continuing the celebration of the 15 year anniversary of Let Go - here’s the video for Sk8er Boi! I can’t wait to start sharing new music with you guys!!7 views22 Jul 2017
Wishing everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day! #MemorialDay #AbbeyDawn6 views22 Jul 2017
My friends and I are living in this sweatshirt right now. Its my fave and comes in black ....@abbeydawnofficial Double Skull Red Hoodie. #abbeydawnavrillavigne #abbeydawn8 views22 Jul 2017
This month is the 15 year anniversary of Let Go! Here's a clip of my first video - the one that started it all- Complicated. A big THANK YOU to my fans for all your support!7 views22 Jul 2017
Throwback to the 2002 #BBMAs performing Sk8er Boi and Complicated. Cant wait to watch tonight!4 views22 Jul 2017
Officially beginning production this week for the album. Wahoo. Almost there. Been pouring my heart and soul into writing these new songs for you guys. Can't wait !!!! #AL64 views22 Jul 2017
Happy Mother's Day to my incredible Mother and everyone else's Mom's out there!4 views22 Jul 2017
I love relaxing in our @abbeydawnofficial Vampire Lounge Track Suit. Go to AbbeyDawn.com (Link in bio) #AbbeyDawnByAvrilLavigne #AbbeyDawn2 views22 Jul 2017
Feels good to be back in the studio again. Love @slimsecrets bars because they are yummy, healthy snacks to have around when working #ad #slimsecrets2 views22 Jul 2017
It's Saturday night bitches. Kiss kiss. @gabeplay3 views22 Jul 2017
#TeamLavigne3 views22 Jul 2017
Working on some new tunes1 views22 Jul 2017
Today is the 10 year anniversary of Girlfriend. Heres a few clips of the video - thanks to the fans for the support!2 views22 Jul 2017
Enjoying the sunshine in my Safety Pin Boxy Tee β˜€οΈ@abbeydawnofficial
(Link in bio) #littleblackstar #clothing #fashion #littleblackstars #AbbeyDawnByAvrilLavigne
2 views22 Jul 2017
New music ... #backtowork #newmusic #newalbum #AL62 views22 Jul 2017
Day off from studio sessions. California vibes. 🌴2 views22 Jul 2017
This is how we roll on Saturdays ... #HeresToNeverGrowingUp2 views22 Jul 2017
Go to AbbeyDawn.com (Link in bio) @abbeydawnofficial #AbbeyDawnByAvrilLavigne
2 views22 Jul 2017
Here is the new vampire tee @abbeydawnofficial ( link in bio ) #littleblackstar #clothing #fashion #littleblackstars #AbbeyDawnByAvrilLavigne4 views22 Jul 2017
Get yours today!! #Repost @abbeydawnofficial New @abbeydawnofficial out TODAY! Go to abbeydawn.com (link in bio) Fun new track suit, tote bag, beanie, stickers and hat!4 views22 Jul 2017
Keepin' comfy in our new @abbeydawnofficial Abbey Dawn Cupcake Sweatshirt In Black 🌟 #littleblackstar #clothing #fashion #littleblackstars #AbbeyDawnByAvrilLavigne Go to AbbeyDawn.com3 views22 Jul 2017
New @abbeydawnofficial is releasing tomorrow!! #AbbeyDawnByAvrilLavigne3 views22 Jul 2017
Stepping your feet in the ocean is healing #Malibu6 views22 Jul 2017
Happy St. Patty’s day! Be happy and stay happy! What are you guys doing to celebrate? #TBF #SmileMusicVideo #StPattysDay3 views22 Jul 2017
Who's excited about this new record ? Cause.... I AM!!!!!!! #writing #recording3 views22 Jul 2017
Who remembers when I performed Sk8er Boi at the Grammys??? Can't wait to put out my new music I've been working on and perform for you guys again!! #tbt #grammys2017 #AL6 #sk8erboi2 views22 Jul 2017
"You make me lose control " #newlyricalert #newmusic2017 #getready #writing #crush3 views22 Jul 2017
Guys if you haven't heard Ambitions yet by @oneokrockofficial check it out. I'm featured on " Listen" on the Japanese version.2 views22 Jul 2017
"I challenged myself as a songwriter and I wanted to write about topics I hadn't hit on before" Check out the rest of my interview on @billboard!2 views22 Jul 2017
Studio vibes today 🎀🎢2 views22 Jul 2017
Incredibly excited to be a part of the @bmg_us family and be working with them on the release of #AL6! So excited to share more with you guys in the coming weeks!2 views22 Jul 2017
Congrats to my little sister Michelle and @ryota_0809 on their marriage. Wishing you both all the love and happiness in the world! ❀ #love #family2 views22 Jul 2017
So when I asked for a baby grand - I didn't know they would take it this literal - Baby grand LITERALLY bahahaha #BabyGrand #Piano #NewMusic #AL62 views22 Jul 2017
BLACK & WHITE 🎼 #LyricHintAlert
#music #motivated #tbt #nylonthailand
2 views22 Jul 2017
#tbt #sk8erboi #grammys2 views22 Jul 2017
In honor of national pizza day I'm posting a shot with my friend Bill from La Pizzaria in Napanee Ontario Canada. This is my FAVORITE pizza in the world and where I walked to from high school for my lunch back in the day. Whenever I visit Napanee I always have to stop in to say hello to Bill and Marina and get a slice. #NationalPizzaDay #LaPizzaria #πŸ•2 views22 Jul 2017
" I won't bow I won't break" #warrior #newlyricalert #AL62 views22 Jul 2017
167 views24 Jan 2017
Old chapters closing and new ones opening .....feels good to be writing new songs. "I am stronger and I'll fight" #songwriting #newlyricalert #newmusic88 views24 Jan 2017
Storms are seasonal but strength is forever... When you're feeling "CRUSHED" remember you have a "WARRIOR" inside of you waiting to fight... #Warrior #Crush #AL1798 views24 Jan 2017
I've got so much love for you my friend, ride or die until the end. Congrats on an awesome album @OneOkRockOfficial @10969taka @Toru_10969 @Ryota_0809 @Tomo_10969.
Guys, if you haven't heard my duet with Taka make sure to check it out on the Japanese version!
73 views24 Jan 2017
2017!!!!! SOOOOOO happy for a new year, new beginnings, new friendships and new music. Fresh .... I hope all of your dreams and goals come true. #health #love #friendship #music #creative #livelife122 views24 Jan 2017
Sharing some new #bts insight into the new album! Happy New Year everyone - have a great 2017!97 views24 Jan 2017
Hi Everyone!! I wanted to first thank my fans for your patience & support during my time away throughout my battle with Lyme Disease over the past 2 years. It hasn't just been a hard battle but it's also been enlightening and will reflect in my new music, artistry, life, and personally. I will always continue to make it a priority to fight and raise awareness about Lyme Disease with the Avril Lavigne foundation. I'm really happy to announce that I am now working on new music and I will be releasing a new album in 2017. I can't wait to open up and share my heart with you! I'm excited for you guys to hear the new songs. It's going to be an amazing 2017!114 views24 Jan 2017
Thanks to my fans for this awesome fan collage. Check out my @abbeydawnofficial clothing if you haven't, u can go to www.abbeydawn.com. I'm also creating more new items that you're gonna love ❀️ sweat suits, hats, dresses, stickers and more. #FanFriday #AbbeyDawn91 views24 Jan 2017
Sisters in NYC #music #hustle #NYC159 views24 Jan 2017
89 views24 Jan 2017
Only 1 day left to get your Electric Skulls Limited Edition leggings! Head over to @pinstokill - www.pinstokill.com #limitededition #pinstokill #electricskulls #avrillavigne94 views24 Jan 2017
Enjoying the autumn sun before it gets cold in my @abbeydawnofficial ringer tee ( link in bio)121 views24 Jan 2017
β€’ Today I’m wearing my Pins to Kill Limited Edition leggings! Head over to @pinstokill to get yours. Only 2 weeks to go! #limitededition #pinstokill #electricskulls #avrillavigne114 views24 Jan 2017
39 views24 Jan 2017
#NYC50 views24 Jan 2017
36 views24 Jan 2017
Saved the best present for last! Can't wait to share it with you guys!!48 views24 Jan 2017
Lavigne Sisters #family #NYC46 views24 Jan 2017
40 views24 Jan 2017
#NYC ❀️34 views24 Jan 2017
#WeWillRememberThem34 views24 Jan 2017
Taking over@mikehellertr office today @talentresources #NYC40 views24 Jan 2017
Love you @mikehellertr always good for a laugh #NYC #friendship18 views24 Jan 2017
Happy Halloween πŸ‘»24 views24 Jan 2017
19 views24 Jan 2017
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. LOVING this Fall weather in my @abbeydawnofficial psychedelic cupcake tee #pumpkins #abbeydawnbyavrillavigne #autumn201639 views24 Jan 2017
Exciting news! I have launched a Limited Edition pair of leggings with @pinstokill for 30 days only. I designed these electric skulls capri leggings and I have signing 5 pairs, which will be sent out to customers at random who are following Pins to Kill. Head over to www.pinstokill.com #limitededition #pinstokill #leggings #electricskulls43 views24 Jan 2017
Haircut , color and style by my good friend @rodica68 #NoExtentionsBitches #FreshHaircut #CarSelfie32 views24 Jan 2017
So sweet to spend time with my girls birthday night ( last Tuesday ) celebrating with cupcakes and onesies. #BlushAbbeyDawnOnesie #AbbeyDawnByAvrilLavigne #birthdayweek #cupcakes #girlfriends21 views24 Jan 2017
FAN FRIDAY thanks guys for rocking my @abbeydawnofficial clothing line !!!! You all look so dope in it !!!! #AbbeyDawnByAvrilLavigne #fanfriday21 views24 Jan 2017
@abbeydawnofficial #AbbeyDawnByAvrilLavigne πŸ’œβ˜ οΈπŸ’œβ˜ οΈπŸ’œ20 views24 Jan 2017
@abbeydawnofficial rustic skull tee #AbbeyDawnByAvrilLavigne24 views24 Jan 2017
My @abbeydawnofficial pale caged heart tee link in bio ( abbey dawn.com ) #AbbeyDawnByAvrilLavigne #AbbeyDawn πŸ’œβ˜ οΈπŸ’œβ˜ οΈ27 views24 Jan 2017
26 views24 Jan 2017
#CurrentMood24 views24 Jan 2017
Thank you to @FitTea and everyone else who helped us to raise funds for kids with Lyme Disease! #Theavrillavignefoundation #fittea #lymelight52 views24 Jan 2017
Thank you to @fittea for the generous donation to the Avril Lavigne
Foundation to help kids fight Lyme Disease with Lyme Light this year!
#fittea #healthyliving #TheAvrilLavigneFoundation #LymeLight
30 views24 Jan 2017
Happy Halloween πŸŽƒ25 views24 Jan 2017
Birthday cupcakes from this week .....GONE #birthdayweek #girlsnight #abbeydawnblushonesie21 views24 Jan 2017
Cousins πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸ’ž #birthdayweek24 views24 Jan 2017
Peace23 views24 Jan 2017
Been eating a lot of birthday cupcakes this week lol and wearing my @abbeydawnofficial Cupcake Raglan Tee #birthdayweek #abbeydawnbyavrillavigne30 views24 Jan 2017
Alright everybody we have two weeks left to donate to help kids fight Lyme Disease with the Avril Lavigne Foundation's annual Birthday Party! Donate to win awesome prizes with LymeLight Foundation. Please go here to help!lymelight.blueskysweet.com #fightlymedisease #theavrillavignefoundation #lymedisease #birthdayparty #lymediseaseawareness #lymelight26 views24 Jan 2017
Joint birthday cake with my cousins. This is what your cake looks like when up grow up in Canada. :) Camping, campfires and guitars. My cousin Bernie taught me how to play "Knocking On Heavens Door" when I was little. #family #birthday #cousins #love thanks Mom and Aunt Leah for our party.19 views24 Jan 2017
Today I'm wearing my @abbeydawnofficial Bright Psychedelic Cupcake Tee. I ripped the sleeves off hehe. "Someone chuck a cupcake at me"! #abbeydawnbyavrillavigne #cupcakes22 views24 Jan 2017
Lavigne cousins and siblings πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’— #family #birthdayweek22 views24 Jan 2017
When your Dads are identical twins.... You turn out looking like your cousins lol. Happy Birthday Stacey and Bernie ... And me hehe. So special to have a party together. #cousins
#birthday #family #lebra
21 views24 Jan 2017
It's my birthday wish this year to help kids fight Lyme Disease. Join in and support. Go to
www.lymelight.blueskysweet.com You can donate and also grab t-shirts to support the Avril Lavigne Foundation #lymelight #theavrillavignefoundation #lymedisease #birthdayparty
22 views24 Jan 2017
#mindovermatter20 views24 Jan 2017
Selfie in my Caged Heart Tee by @abbeydawnofficial link in bio ( abbeydawn.com) #abbeydawnbyavrillavigne #cagedhearttee #fashion #abbeydawn #rockandroll #tuesdaystyle23 views24 Jan 2017
Remembering everyone affected #neverforget #september11 β€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ πŸ™πŸ»πŸ‘Ό19 views24 Jan 2017
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