Avril has 15 or 18 around tattoos, all are small and here are details of the tattoos 🙂
Avril總共有15至18個紋身,大多數紋身都是比較小型的.以下是Avril紋身的圖片與介紹. 🙂


1. This is the first tattoo of Avril’s left wrist in 2004. Her first album logo is same as the tattoo, which left an big impression for her.

1. Avril的第一個紋身,於2004年時紋上去的.此紋身是她第一隻大碟(Let Go)中的紅色星星logo,意味著Avril的印記.

2. A blue star on the right side of her back.

2. Avril的右邊背脊上有一顆細小的藍色星星紋身.

3. This red heart with a black “D” inside means her (now ex) husband’s name Deryck Whibley. He also has a similar tattoo with an ‘A’.

3.Avril的右手紋了一顆紅色心心紋身,內有英文字母”D”,是她前夫(Deryck Whibley)的名字.

4. A red star on the outside of her right arm.

4. Avril的右手臂上有一顆極細小的紅色星星紋身.

5. A black star on the outside of her right forearm. This tattoo has been redone 3 times, first is a blue star and then an outlined blue star. For now is a bigger black star.

5. 於Avril的前手臂內側上有一顆黑色的星星紋身.此紋身原本是一顆細小的藍色星星,之後是有黑色邊的藍色星星,最後便成了現在的黑色星星紋身.

6. Avril got this tattoo with Butch Walker in Atlanta. This is a blue outlined star on the outside of her left calf.

6. 此紋身是Avril與Butch Walker一同於Atlanta紋的,於Avril的小腿上是一顆黑色邊的藍色星星.

7. Avril has a outlined stars (small) on her left hip and Evan Taubenfeld also has the same tattoo.

7.於Avril的左hip上有一顆黑色邊的星星,此紋身代表了她與前結他手(Evan Taubenfeld)的友誼.

8. A outlined stars (large) on her left hip and Avril’s best friend Jamie also has the star.

8. 於同一位置上Avril紋了一大顆黑色邊的星星,代表了她與好朋友(Jamie)的友誼.

9. Abbey Dawn is her nickname and name of her clothing line.

9. Avril的左手上刻了”Abbey Dawn”名字的紋身,此名字是她小時候爸爸給她的花名,同時亦是她自家品牌的名稱.

10. This was got on 21 March 2010, it is to commemorate Deryck’s 30th birthday (21 March 2011) and Deryck also has one.

10. Avril的手掌下紋了”30″的數字紋身, 是為了紀念她前夫(Deryck Whibley)的30歲生日.

11. Another tattoo got on Deryck’s 30th birthday(21 March 2011), Avril and Deryck both got this tattoo.


12. Avril and Brody Jenner (her boyfriend) got the “XXV” tattoo together. The meaning of this “XXV” may be the age of Avril.

12. Avril右手上有一個”XXV”的紋身,是與她現任男友(Brody Jenner)一同紋的.此紋身的意思可能是Avril當時的年齡.


13. Avril got this tattoo on 10 April 2010 at King lnk in Las Vegas. Brody also has one

13.Avril與現任男友Brody於2010年4月10日在Las Vegas的King Ink紋了一個閃電紋身.

14. Avril and Brody (her boyfriend) has the word “FUCK” on their ribcages, they got this at Mark Mahoney Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood.

14. Avril與男朋友Brody於Hollywood的Mark Mahoney Shamrock Social Club中紋了”FUCK”字樣的紋身.

15. Avril and Brody Jenner have each other’s names tattoo.


16. Avril got a safety pin tattoo on her neck with her girl friends on 12 March 2011.

16. 此扣針紋身是Avril於2011年3月12日,在她的女性好朋友陪同下紋的,Avril稱此紋身為”Safety pin”.