Name: Over the Hedge
Synopsis: Turtle Verne (Garry Shandling) and his woodland friends discover that a tall green thing has appeared in the middle of their neighborhood…it’s a hedge. R.J., a devious raccoon (Bruce Willis), explains that beyond the hedge are creatures called humans, and the food they throw away is delicious. Verne doesn’t want to go, but R.J. convinces everyone that there’s no choice. Will the gang of critters venture into suburbia to see what’s in store?Heather the opossum, voiced by Avril, is Ozzie’s (William Shatner) 16 year old daughter. When her father plays dead, Heather dies too – of embarrassment. To her, the theatrics are pointless and humiliating. It’s only when he pulls off a risky performance to save the other animals that she comes to appreciate her father and her own inborn talent.
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Name: Fast Food Nation
Synopsis: Don Henderson (Greg Kinnear)-a marketing executive at Mickey’s Fast Food Restaurant chain, home of “The Big One”-has a problem. Contaminated meat is getting into the frozen patties of the company’s best-selling burger. To find out why, he’ll have to take a journey to the dark side of the All-American meal.Leaving the cushy confines of the company’s Southern California boardroom for the immigrant-staffed slaughterhouses, teeming feedlots and cookie cutter strip malls of Middle America, what Don discovers is a “Fast Food Nation” of consumers who haven’t realized it is they who are being consumed by an industry with a seemingly endless appetite for fresh meat.
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