Avril Lavigne at Summer Sonic 2014 & TALT Dates

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Avril Lavigne at Summer Sonic 2014

Avril will be appearing on Summer Sonic 2014 in Osaka, Japan on 16 August and in Tokyo, Japan on 17 August. Click here for more information. Also, Avril has announced some more The Avril Lavigne Tour dates in Japan. Here’are the details:

The Avril Lavigne Tour Live in Japan

13 August – Nagoya Zepp, Japan

14 August – Fukuoka Zepp, Japan

19 August – Sapporo Zepp, Japan

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  1. MJKD78 Says:

    Excellent!! Glad to see Avril is dropping her western fans in favour for the eastern ones. She suits the J-Pop genre completely and is adored by the genres fans. In Japan her live performances are sooooo much better. More animated, more lively.